$1,000 Glass Toaster Can A Cook Steak

h26idiorfibancq5bldtIt’s fair to say, not all toasters are created equal. But the Bugatti Noun is a god amongst toasters, a futurist but elegant combination of glass and chrome that would stand out in any kitchen. And it does more than just toast.

Currently on display at the EuroCocina trade fair in Milan, this high-end kitchen appliance reinvents the toaster. Instead of using traditional heating elements, the Noun uses semiconductors embedded in glass to create perfectly browned toast. The design also enables it to cook pretty much anything else, as well, if you put it in a heat-resistant bag…. ~Source: Gizmodo

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Police Charge London Teen To CRA Breach

craPolice have charged a 19-year-old man from London, Ont., in connection with the recent breach of taxpayer data from the Canada Revenue Agency. The RCMP say Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes was arrested at home Tuesday and is charged with unauthorized use of a computer and mischief in relation to data. The agency was forced to shut down its publicly accessible website on Friday as the world learned about the Heartbleed computer bug, a previously undiscovered global Internet security vulnerability. Earlier this week, the agency said 900 social insurance numbers had been compromised… ~Source: CityNews

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Beer Drone Delivery

beer droneEven though it’s Spring people are still ice fishing and need beer, so this is fitting!!!

Great ice fishing news for lake country anglers. Lakemaid Beer launches Frosty Winter Lager for Ice Fishing Season. Look for Lakemaid Frosty Winter Lager in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and Michigan. It’s should be arriving soon in a fish house or ice shack near you. Each bottle will feature one of 12 Lakemaids properly attired for the cold, winter months. And each bottle cap will feature Lakemaid Beer’s new unique winter bottle cap icons for hours of fun in the ice-fishing shack. With a deep amber color, Lakemaid Frosty Winter Lager offers a smooth, American craft malted flavor that’s perfect after a day on the ice or in the snow. Just one taste and it’s sure to fly your tip-up flag. Ask for it.

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Roads That Glow

smart highwayA smart highway that promises to save energy while improving safety was unveiled along a 500-meter stretch in the Netherlands last week. Interactive and self-sustaining, it’s being called the “Route 66 of the future.”
The project is designed and developed by Daan Roosegaarde and Dutch engineering firm Heijmans Infrastructure. Earlier this year, we posted about other Studio Roosegaarde projects: houseplant reading lights and bioluminescent streetlamps. Now, this glow-in-the-dark technology actually exists on the N329 highway in Oss, about 100 kilometers southeast of Amsterdam.
The road markings are made with paint containing photo-luminescent powder that charges in the daytime and then releases a green glow at nighttime. Roosegaarde tells Wired UK that Heijmans had managed to take its luminescence to the extreme: “It’s almost radioactive.”

Read more at http://www.iflscience.com/technology/glow-dark-roads-now-reality#DI6CVXlCOR8VIWH9.99

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SIN Numbers Stolen from CRA Website!

According to 680News 900 SIN numbers stolen from CRA website!!! The Canada Revenue Agency says the Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) of 900 Canadians have been stolen from its website. It says it happened during a six-hour period when the site was destabilized by the Heartbleed bug.cra

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Orphan Black Returns April 19th

I loved season one, I’m so looking forward to how season 2 pans out.

Orphan black“Sarah, a grifter, witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her. She picks up the woman’s handbag and runs. Instead of solving the mystery of how they can look the same, she is confronted with more mysteries. Taking on the woman’s identity she discovers they are clones and that there are more of them out there, living in a wide range of circumstances.

As Sarah tries to find out what is going on and who is responsible for it, someone starts picking them off one by one. In a race to find the reason for it all before the killer can get to her, Sarah doesn’t know who to trust.

The episode titles for season one are taken from Charles Darwin’s evolutionary text “On The Origin of Species” (published November 24, 1859) and for season two, the episode titles are quotes from the works of Sir Francis Bacon.” ~Source: TV.com

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You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s French Fries Again!

mcdonalds-fries-toxicHorrifying to hear how McDonald’s French fries are made. Skip to 2:45 in the video below, you’ll be totally disgusted!

McDonald’s uses Russet Burbank Potatoes (to get the long french fry look in the box) and they have a defect which is called Net Necrosis. As well, to get the perfect perfect Russet Burbank Potato a insecticide called Monitor is used, which is extremely toxic. It’s so toxic that the farmers who use it won’t venture out into their fields for 5 days after they spray! And to think, kids eat box after box of these.

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Fuck The Poor? A Social Experiment!

A man walks the streets of London shouting #FuckThePoor. Social experiment from poverty charity, The Pilion Trust, to see whether we really do care about those less fortunate.




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Charge Phone Battery In 30 Seconds

charge batteryIsraeli scientists from startup company StoreDot have developed a new technology designed for charging mobile phones. Using the technology of quantum dots presented in the form of a separate external addition (special bio-organic battery), mobile devices can be fully charged in just 30 seconds.

StarDot’s bio-organic battery is based on peptides (at least two related amino acids) and the ability to control the process of connecting such molecules during which nanocrystals are being generated. They are stable, solid and very thin spheres with a diameter of 2.1 nanometers with special properties that can be used in semiconductor devices. The whole technology is still in the prototype stage, but the future of technology is guaranteed thanks to the previous $6.25 million investment in StoreDot. ~Source: DecryptedTech


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Sealed Bottle Garden Still Alive After 40 Years


In a beautiful example of a closed but functional ecosystem, David Latimer has grown a garden sealed inside of a giant glass bottle that he has only opened once since he started it almost 54 years ago.

Latimer planted the garden on Easter Sunday in 1960. He placed some compost and a quarter pint of water into a 10-gallon glass carboy and inserted a spiderwort sprout using wires. In 1972, he opened the garden again to add a bit of water. With that one exception, the garden has remained totally sealed – all it needs is plenty of sunlight! ~Source: ~BoredPanda

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